İngilizce what soru cümleleri


İngilizce what soru cümleleri

[M] [T] What’s up?
[M] [T] What’s that?
[M] [T] What’s this?
[M] [T] What is that?
[M] [T] What happened?
[M] [T] What a big dog!
[M] [T] What did he say?
[M] [T] What time is it?
[M] [T] Do what you like.
[M] [T] What did she say?

[M] [T] What did you buy?
[M] [T] What did you say?
[M] [T] What do you have?
[M] [T] What do you need?
[M] [T] What do you want?
[M] [T] What is going on?
[M] [T] What woke you up?
[M] [T] What’s your name?
[M] [T] I know what to do.
[M] [T] What does it mean?
[M] [T] What does Tony do?
[M] [T] What is the story?
[M] [T] What’s eating her?
[M] [T] What’s eating you?
[M] [T] What’s that sound?
[M] [T] What’s the matter?
[M] [T] Tell me what to do.
[M] [T] What are you doing?
[M] [T] What did Jean make?
[M] [T] What does she have?
[M] [T] What is Ken eating?
[M] [T] What is over there?
[M] [T] This is what I need.
[M] [T] This is what I want.
[M] [T] What am I to do now?
[M] [T] What are they after?
[M] [T] What are they doing?
[M] [T] What do you suggest?
[M] [T] What does this mean?
[M] [T] What I mean is this.
[M] [T] What is in the desk?
[M] [T] What is on the desk?
[M] [T] What is popular now?
[M] [T] What is the problem?
[M] [T] What should I bring?
[M] [T] What time is dinner?
[M] [T] What was that noise?
[M] [T] What’s the bus fare?
[M] [T] I know what you mean.
[M] [T] This is what he said.
[M] [T] What are you cooking?
[M] [T] What are you reading?
[M] [T] What did you do then?
[M] [T] What happened, Sally?
[M] [T] What is your address?
[M] [T] What should I do now?
[M] [T] What’s going on here?
[M] [T] What’s Ken doing now?
[M] [T] What’s that building?
[M] [T] Guess what he told me.
[M] [T] Tell me what happened.
[M] [T] Tell me what you want.
[M] [T] That’s what I thought.
[M] [T] What are the symptoms?
[M] [T] What is on Channel 10?
[M] [T] What made her do that?
[M] [T] What makes you so sad?
[M] [T] What time do you have?
[M] [T] What’d the doctor say?
[M] [T] I wonder what happened.
[M] [T] What are you two doing?
[M] [T] What do you plan to do?
[M] [T] What do you want to be?
[M] [T] What do you want to do?
[M] [T] What he likes is jelly.
[M] [T] What’s your speciality?
[M] [T] Ask her what she bought.
[M] [T] I don’t know what it is.
[M] [T] I remember what he said.
[M] [T] Sam, what are you doing?
[M] [T] That’s not what I heard.
[M] [T] What a beautiful flower!
[M] [T] What a beautiful garden!
[M] [T] What a beautiful sunset.
[M] [T] What are you looking at?
[M] [T] What are you staring at?
[M] [T] What do you do in Japan?
[M] [T] What made you come here?
[M] [T] Do you know what he said?
[M] [T] Do you mean what you say?
[M] [T] What an interesting book!
[M] [T] What are you going to do?
[M] [T] What did you have to eat?
[M] [T] What do you do on Sunday?
[M] [T] What do you intend to do?
[M] [T] What do you think he did?
[M] [T] What does this word mean?
[M] [T] What does your father do?
[M] [T] What happened last night?
[M] [T] What he said is not true.
[M] [T] What time do you go home?
[M] [T] What will you use it for?
[M] [T] What’s your home address?
[M] [T] Do you know what she said?
[M] [T] I didn’t know what to say.
[M] [T] I don’t care what he does.
[M] [T] I don’t get what you mean.
[M] [T] I don’t like what he said.
[M] [T] I wonder what he will say.
[M] [T] This isn’t what I ordered.
[M] [T] What are you going to see?
[M] [T] What are you trying to do?
[M] [T] What did you open it with?
[M] [T] What did you say to Paula?
[M] [T] What do you do on Sundays?
[M] [T] What do you feed your dog?
[M] [T] What do you want me to do?
[M] [T] What do you want to drink?
[M] [T] What he said was not true.
[M] [T] What number bus do I take?
[M] [T] What should I feed my dog?
[M] [T] What was it I left behind?
[M] [T] What’re you talking about?
[M] [T] What’s that tall building?
[M] [T] Did he tell you what to do?
[M] [T] I don’t care what she eats.
[M] [T] I don’t know what you mean.
[M] [T] She didn’t know what to do.
[M] [T] Tom has no idea what to do.
[M] [T] We don’t care what he does.
[M] [T] What about a glass of beer?
[M] [T] What are you lining up for?
[M] [T] What are you talking about?
[M] [T] What do you like about her?
[M] [T] What do you think of Japan?
[M] [T] What he said made us angry.
[M] [T] What time do you go to bed?
[M] [T] What time is dinner served?
[M] [T] What will you do on Friday?
[M] [T] What’s your favorite sport?
[M] [T] Do you believe what he said?
[M] [T] Don’t believe what she says.
[M] [T] He did not know what to say.
[M] [T] I didn’t catch what he said.
[M] [T] What are your weekend plans?
[M] [T] What did you do last Sunday?
[M] [T] What is the matter with you?
[M] [T] What sort of work do you do?
[M] [T] What time does school begin?
[M] [T] What’s your daughter’s name?
[M] [T] What’s your native language?
[M] [T] Do you know what he has done?
[M] [T] I don’t know what to do next.
[M] [T] I have no idea what you mean.
[M] [T] This is what we want to know.
[M] [T] What are you into these days?
[M] [T] What did she buy at the shop?
[M] [T] What did you do this morning?
[M] [T] What did you do with my book?
[M] [T] What do they call their baby?
[M] [T] What do you call this flower?
[M] [T] What do you have in your bag?
[M] [T] What flower do you like best?
[M] [T] What grade is your sister in?
[M] [T] What line of work are you in?
[M] [T] What time do you have supper?
[M] [T] What time does the club open?
[M] [T] What was served at the party?
[M] [T] What’s his most recent novel?
[M] [T] What’s your favorite pastime?
[M] [T] Are you gonna help me or what?
[M] [T] Be careful about what you eat.
[M] [T] I couldn’t catch what he said.
[M] [T] I just don’t know what to say.
[M] [T] I wonder what happened to her.
[M] [T] Is that what you have in mind?
[M] [T] It is clear what must be done.
[M] [T] Let me know what you’re up to.
[M] [T] That’s exactly what I thought.
[M] [T] What did you do with my pants?
[M] [T] What did you do with that car?
[M] [T] What do you learn English for?
[M] [T] What is the price of this cap?
[M] [T] What kind of meal did you eat?
[M] [T] What kind of sports do you do?
[M] [T] What kind of wine do you have?
[M] [T] What kind of work will you do?
[M] [T] What subject do you like best?
[M] [T] What was it that you gave him?
[M] [T] What’s the best way to travel?
[M] [T] Where can we get what we want?
[M] [T] Can’t you guess what I’m doing?
[M] [T] I can’t make out what she said.
[M] [T] I have no idea what to do next.
[M] [T] I think you’ve got what I need.
[M] [T] It was not clear what she said.
[M] [T] Listen carefully to what I say.
[M] [T] Please write down what he says.
[M] [T] What are you going to do today?
[M] [T] What did she buy at that store?

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